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Delivering Excellence

Our outstanding drive to deliver results when procuring products is what sets us apart from the rest. Open Markets Corporation provides specialized services tailored to meet specific customer needs.


Food & Produce Import

We source and import a large variety of fresh fruit,  vegetables, frozen products, white and yellow corn, beans, beverages, and frozen meat from Latin American countries.

We understand the international food safety and quality standards and logistics each product must comply to be sold in the USA Market. Our qualified team provides you with the confidence you need to know your product will arrive on time and in good condition. Our company handles contracts with ocean and land shipping companies to transport the products from any Latin country to US Ports and warehouses.


Fresh Products

  • Tropicales, from Latin America
  • Florida Grown, fruits grown in Florida

We guarantee a steady and reliable influx of fresh fruits and roots from Central and South America, such as mango, mandarin, limes, plantains, yams, ginger, and garlic (to name a few) year-round. Alternatively, we also partner with domestic farmers located in the State of Florida, who provide tropical fruits like Mamey, dragon fruit, and guava, to fulfill immediate supplies without shipping delays.


Private Label

We are highly experienced in vertical industries such as the market of frozen and refrigerated foods including, but not limited to: frozen meals, refrigerated food, frozen fruits, fruit pulp, ethnic food, etc.

Our deep knowledge and growing network of strategic alliances with food processing companies, allow us to develop the most complete line of products with the specific brand of our clients for the Hispanic market in the United States.


Don’t miss a unique opportunity to bring fresh fruit and vegetable to the United States with a company that values high quality and optimized time.