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Open Markets Corporation

Is a consulting firm focused on helping Latin American companies to introduce their products into the market of the United States.

We make an effort to understand the business of our clients in dept to be able to offer integral solutions to their needs.

Our vision is based on values such as ethics, team work, professionalism, innovation, fulfillment and seriousness which has helped us obtain the confidence of companies to entrust us with their exporting projects, and nowadays have become the present and the future of their stability and real growth projection.

We have managed to find the perfect combination of professionalism, experience, human touch and commitment with the client and each and everyone of the members that are part of our diverse group of professionals.

Professionals, and first of all businessmen and women with a clear orientation toward sales qualified to develop and support the processes from the research stage to the achievement of goals.

Enter the market of the United States
with strong steps and through the right route