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We bring only the best products from the Latin regions to the hands of American markets

The Open Market Story

For over 21 years Open Markets Corporation has been recognized for bringing the highest quality of Hispanic food and flavors to the US market.

Thanks to our well-known efforts in premium quality products, reliable service, and fair price Open Markets Corporation has become a leader in fresh produce and frozen products importation throughout the years.


Leaders in providing high-quality products to US markets

We believe quality starts at the farm level.

We work with reliable growers and packers that share our values on renewable practices as well as our priority on quality and consistency. Our team is always seeking to improve new and sustainable ways of importing and packing our products.

At Open Markets Corporation we strive to maintain the human touch and ensure all our products are graded with the consumer in mind. That is why we partner with certified packing houses and well-known companies that help us bring a new experience of Hispanic flavors to USA Wholesalers and Supermarkets distribution centers.

The world´s population is projected to reach 9 billion people by 2050, and demand for food is forecast to be 60% higher than it is today. That is why we believe every day is a new chance to bring the fusion between the global and the local products from distinct regions of the world.

Dedicated to the distribution of quality tropical fresh produce. Our relationships ensure authentic Hispanic flavors and farmers’ first approach for premium retailers all year long.


Working hand in hand with growers, certified farmers, and packers in a fair and sustainable way

We have successfully and consistently sourced high-quality products to satisfy our customers since day one.

Our efforts are focused on three success fundamental keys:

  • Premium quality
  • In-time and reliable service
  • Fair price

We praise ourselves through the values we sustain, that is why we collaborate with trusted parties, certified by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Global Gap, and Primus Lab to bring the experience of fresh and ethical products to your hands.

Our dedication to supplying top-of-the-line fresh products as well as our long line of strong partnerships and customers, help us deliver a reliable service of the finest products.


Let us help you connect with some of the best certified farmers in Latin America