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Market Research

Market research helps entrepreneurs to assess the feasibility of a project before investing time and money, as well as helping them effectively in the commercialization of their products and services in new markets. The use of marketing strategies such as market segmentation, and the differentiation of the product is almost impossible without carrying out market researches.

At Open Markets Corp we offer a complete research and strategies service for the entry into the market, doing all the necessary research concerning the requirements and regulations for the products to access the market of the United States, international competence, distribution channels by geographical regions, expected interest spread, consumption estimates for each market segment and even obtaining and sending samples of products from competitors.

Company Representation

Open Markets Corp provides international business representation for companies interested in setting commercial presence in the United States. We are committed to the globalization of entrepreneurial activities and in establishing a link that will be the representation resource of your company or of your market access operations.

Through our representation, we offer you the opportunity of creating a solid base in the United States, and of working together with you to broaden the scope of your trade and the business sphere in a profitable way.

We assist our clients through the development and supervision of sales and product plans, we offer the necessary training and assistance to your sales force for their development in the new markets, and we offer comprehensive advice and assistance every step of the way to guarantee the success of your negotiations, presentations, launching, etc.

Private Label

Open Markets Corporation offers market intelligence about the topics related to frozen foods. This deep knowledge and a growing net of strategic alliances with food processing companies in Latin America allows us to develop the most complete line of refrigerated and frozen products with the brand of our clients for the Hispanic market in the United States.

Combining our services we can prepare the business plan for the development of your line of products, their entrance and positioning in the market, and future expansion

Open Markets Corporation offers market intelligence about the issues related to frozen foods, including, but not limited to: frozen meals, refrigerated food, frozen desserts, fruit pulp, ethnic food, drinks, etc.

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